About Us

While FundGiveTM is a fresh approach to social media and technology-driven donation fundraising, we’ve completed over 50,000 fundraisers with tens of thousands of schools, groups and teams in all 50 states. We are experts in fundraising with hundreds of sales representatives across the nation. Our system helps maximizes profits for groups while making the implementation simple and workload light. Our motto says it all...LESS WORK...MORE MONEY!

Our Platform

Our platform is extremely flexible allowing groups to customize dozens of options while keeping it simple. If you can think it, we can thon it...which helps keep your “Thon” fresh every year.

Why We're Different

We offer 3 ways to support your cause including traditional one-time donations, monthly donation subscriptions AND the ability to shop online from 500+ items and 14 categories. This 1...2...3 approach gets you the most profit because it gives your supporters options. Some want to just donate while others want something for their money.

Our Core Values

  1. Inspire smiles through Customer Service Awesomeness.
  2. Do these to make every day better: Smile. Laugh. Have fun.
  3. Seize opportunity with passion & determination.
  4. Be known for honesty, integrity, caring & passion.
  5. Be good to people.
  6. No egos. Be humble.
  7. Believe that attitude & heart can get you anywhere.
  8. Be fanatical about quality.
  9. Welcome feedback & use it to get better.
  10. Help others reach their dreams. Yours will soon follow.

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Head over to our FAQs page for more detailed information on our FundGive program and platform.

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