How it Works

We provide a tech savvy platform that's simple for you to setup, easy for sellers to share and participate and - best of all - makes supporting your cause a breeze.

3 Ways to Support

Online donations, in-hand donations & shopping...

Online Donation

Supporters can choose a one-time donation OR contribute monthly.

In-Hand Donations

Cash and checks turned in by students can be deposited into your account then you can keep track of these donations for reporting and prize purposes by inputting the data into your Sponsor Dashboard. We will include them in your Sponsor Reports!

FundGive Shopping

Some people want something for their money. Our online store has 500+ items, 14 categories and ships nationwide. Every item ships directly to the customer’s home eliminating a school delivery.

Acts of Kindness

Sellers and supporters have a chance to pay it forward...

How it Works

When the Acts of Kindness section is turned “ON” by the sponsor and seller/parent, 100+ Acts of Kindness are available on the Seller Dashboard allowing them to select what acts they perform during the fundraiser paying the support forward. These Acts of Kindness are shared on the seller's cause page.


Are sellers getting paid to be kind? Nope! This is all about paying it forward, NOT getting paid to be kind. Regardless of receiving donations or support, we want to inspire sellers to pay kindness forward! Once registered, sellers can custom enter, drop down menu select, track and share their Acts of Kindness throughout the fundraiser.


We've also created a way for your customers to get in on the kindness! At checkout, they are given the option to make an additional donation by adding 3% to their final order to cover credit card fees. Your group receives 100% of all customer Acts of Kindness.

Custom Cause Pages

Fully customizable cause pages for groups and sellers...


What can we customize for our group on the Sponsor Dashboard? Goal, cause photo, cause name, YouTube video, seller t-shirt sizing, top supporters, acts of kindness, theme, colors, fonts, cause page note to supporters, tax receipt option, account access, reports and much more!

Sellers & Parents

What can sellers and parents customize on their dashboard? Goal, photo, YouTube video, acts of kindness, top supporters, social media sharing text, cause page personal note to supporters, and much more.

10+ Cause Types

Pick a cause. We can help your group "thon" anything...

With many cause types to choose from, you have the flexibility to choose the program that best fits your group’s needs. We’ve got the resources and technology to adjust to your “thon” type.

So, which one are you choosing? Color run, jog-a-thon, obstacle course, acts-of-kindness-thon, music-a-thon, math-a-thon, spell-a-thon, hit-a-thon, lift-a-thon, glow run…the options are endless!

Spirit Gear Options

Choose from our FundGive t-shirt or customize your own...

Option 1 is our FundGive t-shirt that your group can wear during the fundraiser or on your event day. It’s perfect for color runs, jog-a-thons and obstacle courses.

Option 2 is your own customized t-shirt where you work with our Spirit Gear in-house designers and production team to get the logo and look you want at wholesale pricing.

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