Fundraiser Options

If you can think it or count it, we can “a-thon” it. With many cause types to choose from, you have the flexibility to choose the program that best fits your group’s needs large or small. We’ve got the resources and technology to adjust to your “thon” type.

So, which one are you choosing? Color Run, Jog-a-thon, Obstacle-a-thon, Acts-of-kindness-thon, Music-a-thon, Math-a-thon, Spell-a-thon, Hit-a-thon, Lift-a-thon, Glow Run…the options are endless!

Yes! Our FundGive program offers ALL of the amazing customization features to help maximize your fundraiser.

We want to work with you! contact our team byclicking here

We are ready to help consult, guide, implement and succeed. No pushy salespeople here. Call us at (855) 686-3496or email us at [email protected].

We can have your program ready to rock-n-roll within 48 hours! We would, however, love to take the time to plan your fundraiser with you to maximize success. in a perfect world we would have a minimum of 3-4 weeks of prep time to get your fundraiser ready to go!

Absolutely nothing! This program is risk free and has zero upfront costs.

YES… We are a jack of all trades and a MASTER OF ALL! We refuse to settle. Our fundraisers are set up to reduce stress and more importantly, raise you piles of money! Need a cookie dough fundraiser? You got it! What about a holiday or wrapping paper catalog? Yep. Popcorn? Also, yes. Bonus time... we process all order forms and ship the product back to you packed individually by teacher and student. Mic drop! Talk with your representative or contact us to get more information. Call us at 855.686.3496 or email us at [email protected].

T-Shirts & Spirit Wear

Yes… Our sister company, spirit gear direct, is amazing and so easy to work with. Our groups get exclusive access to wholesale pricing when running a program through us.Spirit Gear Directis your one stop shop for anything that you need to put a logo on.

Our spirit gear team can provide your group with cool t-shirts for your event day or to send home after the event! Whether you go with our standard event day shirt or a customized t-shirt, your students will be fitted with awesome gear.

FundGive Standard T-Shirt

OPTION 1: Pre-order and receive with your kick-off kit to promote participation during the fundraiser.

  • Shirt sizes should be collected before the fundraiser by using the student and staff order form provided by your representative.
  • Requires up to a 2 week notice prior to kick-off day.
  • Submit your student and staff order form to your representative.

OPTION 2: order post-fundraiser and receive to use for your color run event day.

  • We collect every student’s t-shirt size at registration. Less work for you!

FundGive Custom T-Shirt

Our graphics team can produce your custom designed t-shirt for use during the fundraiser or for event day.

OPTION 1: Pre-order and receive with your kick-off kit to promote participation during the fundraiser.

  • Shirt sizes should be collected before the fundraiser by using the student and staff order form provided by your representative.
  • Requires up to 4 weeks for production and shipping after order placement.
  • Submit your student and staff order form to your representative.

OPTION 2: Order post-fundraiser and receive to use for your color run event day.

  • We collect every student’s t-shirt size at registration. Less work for you!
  • Requires up to 4 weeks for production and shipping after order placement.

Absolutely. Our customers love the fact there is no cost to get started and no inventory leftover. Say WHAAAAAT? We create your custom flyer and pack your orders individually by student. EASY!

Fundraiser Setup

Yes… We collaborate with you to get the important information/prizes customized to your group and then we take care of the rest. We print and collate your parent letter and prize flyer for you into our FundGive envelope.

Check. Check. Check. On your Sponsor Dashboard we give you access to EVERYTHING you will need to make the fundraiser a massive success. You will find email templates, how-to guides, prize ideas, reports, lots of customization and much more!

Yes… We provide kickoff videos to get your students fired up! We also give you full access to lots of resources to help you feel prepared and ready to roll out your fundraiser.

Keep in mind, the more you and your team are excited and engaged in the fundraiser, the more excited the students get. The more excited they are, the more profit!

Great question! There ARE better times than others to do a fundraiser! Try to do your fundraising earlier in the semester. That means August/September (Fall) and January/February (Spring). Have no fear... if those months don’t work for your group, we will still work with you to determine the best timing.

Yeppers! Ideally you want to start fundraisers on the 1st or 15th of the month. Do those days look familiar? Pay day! We want to start your fundraiser when your customers will be financially able to support. We will help you crush your fundraiser no matter when you do it, but our goal is to make you the most amount of money.

Of course! Give your representative a call, text or email and they will get it updated.

1000% YES! If parents think the fundraiser is only for their students to earn prizes, they will toss it to the back burner. Parents need to know exactly why you are raising money. Personalize it!

SPONSORS: From your fully custom Sponsor Dashboard, you can adjust to your heart’s desire including group goal level, cause photo, cause name, YouTube video, seller t-shirt during registration, top supporters, acts of kindness, theme, colors, fonts, cause page note to supporters, tax receipt option, account access, reports and much more!

SELLERS & PARENTS: They can customize their personal dashboard and individual cause pages. They can personalize their individual goal, photo, YouTube video, acts of kindness, top supporters, social media sharing text, cause page personal note to supporters, reports and much more.

Your group will raise a lot more money by giving each family their own cause page versus a single group cause page.

  • Supporters want credit for their support which is why we show “Top Supporters”.
  • Supporters like grandma are more likely to contribute to their grandchild versus at the group cause page.
  • Supporters will see what level other family and friends have supported the fundraiser which leads to larger donations. When grandma donates, she will see that Uncle Joe has supported, and then she will often match or exceed what Uncle Joe did.
  • Supporters will see how many pay it forward “Acts of Kindness” that student has completed.
  • Supporters will see how many CREDITS that student has received to reach their goal.
  • Sellers take more ownership in their goal when they have their own cause page.


It doesn’t matter if you are singing for donations, hitting free throws or bench pressing your way to paying for your program’s needs... we have you covered!

Depending on your desired approach, students can simply register and share with family and friends nationwide asking them to support by donating and/or shopping.

The 2nd option is to ask for support from those same family and friends based on a Performance Commitment. Example: $2, $5 or $10 per-song/free throw/lift/etc. 8 Free Throws at $5 = $40 donation for that student’s commitment to channel his/her inner Steph Curry at the Free Throw line. SWISH!

FundGive brings donation-based fundraisers to the future because it’s hassle-free, easy-to-use & secure online future. Simply…. LESS WORK. MORE MONEY! Family and friends nationwide can support from the comfort of their home or on the go with our mobile-friendly site. Supporters can donate online by credit card by giving a simple flat donation or by signing up for a 6 or 12-monthly subscription. These can be any amount in increments of $20 such as $20, $40, $60, $100, $200, etc. If “Allow Product Shopping” is activated, supporters can also shop from over 500 items in 14 categories to also support. By the way, online donations and shopping are, on average, 126% higher compared to cash or check.

After supporting, FundGive will automatically send a 'Thank You' note and receipt. If you are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, you can include your organization's Tax ID in the receipt so that Supporters can claim their donation as tax deductible. This option can be turned on/off in the settings section of your Sponsor Dashboard.

As the sponsor/admin, you can see each donation, donation subscription and online order received in real-time, and you'll be able track how much each participant and class raised in your reports section.


Yes… 100% of cash and check donations stay with the group!


Good news… We have hundreds of items at our online store and can ship anywhere in the United States. Think of us like the Amazon of fundraising.

We have something for everyone! Our online store has 500+ items in 14 categories for your customers to choose from:

  • Holiday
  • Wrap, Bags & More
  • All Occasion
  • Kitchen
  • Jewelry
  • Gourmet Snacks
  • Candles
  • Flowers & Seeds
  • Apparel
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Name Brands from Otis Spunkmeyer, Tervis, Auntie Anne’s Jelly Belly & More

Yes! Remember, we are hitting the EASY button!

Acts of Kindness

When the Acts of Kindness section is turned “ON” by the sponsor and seller/parent, 100+ Acts of Kindness are available on the Seller Dashboard allowing them to select what acts they perform during the fundraiser paying the support forward. These Acts of Kindness are shared on the seller's cause page.

Are sellers getting paid to be kind? Nope! This is all about paying it forward, NOT getting paid to be kind. Regardless of receiving donations or support, we want to inspire sellers to pay kindness forward! Once registered, sellers can custom enter an Act of Kindness, select from a list of 100, and track and share their Acts of Kindness throughout the fundraiser.

We've also created a way for your customers to get in on the kindness! At checkout, they are given the option to make an additional donation by adding 3% to their final order to cover credit card fees. Your group receives 100% of all customer Acts of Kindness.

Communications & Sharing

Communicating early and often is key!

Prior to your fundraiser starting, we will send you an email that needs to be forwarded/sent to parents. This will include your student registration link along with the reason you are fundraising.

Also, be sure to use the resources tab in the sponsor dashboard for turnkey announcement and email communications.

This depends on who is doing the sharing:

SPONSORS should be sharing the group registration link found on the Sponsor Dashboard. This link should ONLY be shared with parents and students with one goal in mind... registration. Of course, sponsors should register themselves as well as share their personal link.

PARENTS & STUDENTS should share their personal link located on the Parent/Student Dashboard. They can utilize our one touch technology to share via Facebook, Email, Text, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. Remember, they can’t share if they don’t register!

SUPPORTERS should donate/shop and then share the student’s custom link with their friends and family to help spread the word for the student(s) they are supporting.

Email and text are by far the most impactful ways to communicate. We encourage our schools to utilize BOTH. It is CRITICAL you use our launch fundraiser template at the minimum.

When sending out a communication, be sure that the only information being sent out is about the fundraiser and ALWAYS include your registration link. We don’t want the fundraiser information buried between what’s being served for hot lunch and Timmy’s upcoming math test.

Schools should also utilize social media, Class DoJo, Remind 101, auto dialers, phone calls, etc. These methods should be used in addition to email/text.

No way. It will seem like you are talking about the fundraiser a lot... that’s a GREAT thing. Think about it this way, each communication = more profits for your group.


Nope… In your Sponsor Dashboard, you have real-time visibility of lots of data simply presented. You will receive emails from our team throughout the fundraiser keeping you up to date on registration progress along with total sales.

Absolutely. We will provide you with more reports than you will ever need. At the end of the fundraiser, we will send you your “Fundraiser Report”. This report will show you:

  • Total amount collected
  • Total profit
  • Average amount collected per student
  • Participation percentage
  • Sales summary
  • Classroom breakdowns
  • Student/seller details
  • Sales report
  • Overall ranking
  • Invoice detail
  • Acts of Kindness by sellers and supporters
  • Plus you have access to many customizable reports on the Sponsor Dashboard

You will also have access to real time reporting on your Sponsor Dashboard to track registered sellers, share activity, all sales and items sold.

Parents & Students

On your parent/student dashboard, click on “Supporters”. This will list every person that supported your student, amount raised, credits earned, acts of kindness and date supported.

The parent/student FundGive portal allows you to register ALL your kids at one student page. Simply go to the “Settings” page of the dashboard and click the blue “Add Seller” button.

When friends and family go to support, all your children’s names will be displayed. This eliminates grandma and other supporters from having to check out multiple times.


We use credits to track prizes. Each $20 donation earns 1 credit. Each item sold online (when applicable) earns 1 credit. If a student collects $100 in donations and sells 5 items online that student would earn 10 credits.

Fair is fair is fair. We split the total amount of credits earned equally among your students. For example, if your three children earn six credits, each child will be assigned two credits for prizes.

Nope… We feel SO strongly in the power of registering/sharing that we have made the annual $100,000+ investment into this program to help our groups raise more money. Just sit back and watch the money come in.


YES. We are COPPA compliant (Children Online Privacy Protection Act) and do NOT share or sell information to third parties. Nobody likes that.

YES. We are fully PCI Compliant (security standards set forth to protect your credit card information).

Each one of our student packets gives safety tips that suggest to only go to friends, relatives, and neighbors they know with an adult. Asking for someone to donate, shop online or sign up for a donation subscription can be a very good lesson in salesmanship plus it builds confidence.

Profit, Cash, Checks & Subscriptions

After the fundraiser closes, we will send your profit within 7-10 days. Cha-Ching!

We pay you UP FRONT for ALL monthly contributions. That’s right, if grandma donates $20 a month for 12 months, we send you all 12 month’s profit right away. Unbelievable? Believe it!

Your sponsor portal gives you the ability to add cash and check donations with check number tracking. Your Sponsor Dashboard reporting will show both online and cash/check donations combined allowing you to track everything for registration incentives, top sellers, prizes, classroom competitions, etc.

Simply log into your sponsor dashboard, click on “Sellers”, click on the down arrow on the far right of the seller and start inputting data. You can also click on “Add Cash/Check Donation” that is located after the last seller listed.

NO WAY. This is our gift to you plus 100% of all cash and checks are retained by your group.


Yes. On your Sponsor Dashboard under settings, you can add in your group’s tax ID number.

After supporting, FundGive will automatically send a 'Thank You' note and receipt. If you are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you can include your organization's Tax ID in the receipt so that supporters can claim their donation as tax deductible. This option can be turned on/off in the settings section of your Sponsor Dashboard.

Over 23 years! Since 1998, we have continued our belief in helping children, education, and their charities. The journey began by creating and selling CDs to help a Colorado charity, Small Champions, do big things for kids with disabilities. Yes, we started as a record label.

It was the music and our belief in helping children that led us to work with school band and choir programs nationwide. With Sony Music and dozens of major recording artists, we created CDs that helped raise millions to fund and support these school programs that increasingly face budget cuts. Unfortunately, music is often one of the first subject areas to go.

During our journey of helping tens of thousands of music programs, we realized that many other school programs also needed help. Natural progression took over and we found more ways to help. Our inspiration expanded and the company grew.

Today, we provide 20+ product-based fundraising programs, in-hand fundraising, spirit wear and are teamed up with many name-brand partners that share our vision. The company has grown leaps and bounds since 1998, but no matter how big we get, our core values will keep our feet planted. We are one of the largest fundraising companies in the nation and run fundraisers in all 50 states, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

Consultants and customer service. No pushy salespeople. Call us at 855.686.3496 or email us at [email protected].